Information for international students - Cohort 4

International students who are interested in being part of Cohort 4 need to contact your education provider as soon as possible if you have not already done so.  

Only education providers can nominate students to be part of Cohort 4. They will confirm if you are eligible and if they intend to nominate you to a place they have been allocated within Cohort 4.

If your nomination is confirmed, your education provider will let you know that you can begin the process to apply for a student visa to enter New Zealand.  You will need to meet all visa requirements including providing evidence of funds to cover your living costs in New Zealand, in addition to tuition and travel costs: 

  • for tertiary students at least NZD $20,000 annually for living costs (or NZD $1,667 for each month of study if your programme of study is less than thirty-six weeks).  
  • for school students at least NZD $15,000 annually for living costs (or NZD $1,250 for each month of study if your programme is less than thirty-six weeks).  

Please do not submit a request for travel with Immigration New Zealand until you are told to do this by your education provider - you will be given two weeks to do this once your nomination is confirmed. You will then be invited to apply for a student visa, and will have one month to do this.

Students will also need to comply with the vaccination and other health requirements that apply at your time of travel. Read more about travel to New Zealand on the Unite against COVID-19 website: Travel to New Zealand. Everyone travelling to New Zealand by air must complete a New Zealand Traveller Declaration before check-in - go to 

Students who are unable to be part of Cohort 4 should note that visitor and student visa processing will reopen from 31 July 2022.

Download an information sheet about Cohort 4 for students here.

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