About - Ngā kōrero

Where can I go? - Ka taea te haere ki hea?

Applicants interested in studying in Asia should be aware that India, mainland China, Taiwan, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Phillipines, Japan and Korea are currently preference countries. Given the increasing competitiveness of the scholarships, applications from beyond these countries would need to be exceptional to receive funding.

Applicants interested in studying in Latin America should be aware that Colombia, Brazil and Chile are currently preference countries. We also accept applications to Mexico and Argentina.

ENZ reserves the right to remove or change available destination countries as it deems necessary.

What can I study? - He aha ngā kaupapa ako?

Anything you like, provided you can demonstrate that your programme can be linked to New Zealand’s education, economic or trade agenda in Asia or Latin America. That can include subjects like business, the social sciences, arts and culture, indigenous studies, computer science and more.

However, you don’t need to limit yourself to study. You can also seek out an internship or conduct research – either at an educational institution or out in the field.

Whatever you choose to do, your programme must be full-time. In Asia, the minimum course length is six weeks, while in Latin America it is four. The maximum course length in both regions is 72 weeks.

What's in it for me?