Market overview

International experience has long been regarded as a fundamental part of a quality education for the more affluent population in Brazil, but recent initiatives from both federal and state governments have focused on also improving the quality of education for all.

Brazil is a strong scholarship market. As the country internationalises its education sector and the society as a whole, the federal and state governments have invested in sending students and public servants overseas for study abroad programmes and professional development training. Science Without Borders and Win the World  are two high profile international education scholarships, and further examples can be found in the Opportunities section.

The most popular destinations for Brazilian students are the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. The “new” destinations establishing themselves in Brazil include Ireland, South Africa and Malta.

Increasing the profile of New Zealand institutions in Brazil and responding quickly to local opportunities are two things that will help increase our chances to grow New Zealand’s market share of Brazilian students.

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