Market overview

New Zealand has a very good education brand in Chile. Our education system is used as one of the model programmes as Chile improves its education sector and progresses toward achieving developed country status.  The English language and secondary school sectors have a particularly high profile, and New Zealand is also a popular vocational and technical training destination for Chilean students, particularly those in the agriculture sector.

There is potential to deliver in-market training projects, such as the Agricultural Diplomacy Initiative, delivered by Agriculture Services Limted (ASL) – the commercial arm of Primary Industry Training Organisation (ITO). This initiative focuses on adopting the best practices and principles from the New Zealand Industry Training Model in to the Chilean agriculture sector.

The need for a more highly-skilled workforce across several key industries has seen the Chilean Government introduce scholarship programmes to meet this demand. New Zealand receives students under such schemes, notably Penguins Without Borders, Semillero Rural programme (formerly Ramon Barros Luco scholarship), and Becas Chile. 

What's in it for me?