Market opportunities

Chile is a strong market for the school and English language sectors, and there is potential for the Private Training Enterprise (PTE) and Institute of Technology and Polytechnic (ITP) sectors to attract more Chilean students to participate in their agricultural training programmes. Further collaboration with their Chilean counterparts may bring increased benefit to New Zealand universities, by way of post graduate education and research.

Scholarships present the greatest opportunity currently, and New Zealand is the recipient of a good number of students under the following schemes:

Penguins Without Borders (PWB)

New Zealand has enjoyed preferred destination status for this high profile scholarship programme introduced in 2013.  New Zealand’s involvement in PWB not only increases the flow of school students from Chile, it also provides an opportunity to establish connections with young high-achieving Chilean students, paving the way for them to choose New Zealand as a tertiary study destination. 

Semillero Rural Programme (formerly Ramon Barros Luco scholarship)

New Zealand’s involvement in the Semillero Rural programme capitalises on New Zealand’s expertise in vocational and technical training, especially in the agriculture sector. Under the scheme, Chilean dairy and horticultural students come to New Zealand to learn English while undergoing farming and horticulture training.  After their training, students take part in on-the-job placements on New Zealand farms.

Immigration New Zealand has ring-fenced 60 working holiday visas for this scheme.

Becas Chile

New Zealand hosts university students from Chile through the Becas Chile scholarship scheme. The scheme also presents potential for Institutes of Technology and Polytechnic to participate through the “Tecnicos para Chile” programme that offers scholarships in the vocational training area.

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