Market opportunities

Education New Zealand has established good working relationships with key education agencies in Colombia, including their Ministry of Education; ICETEX*, COLCIENCIAS**, Colfuturo***; and SENA**** providing a good foundation on which to grow our education relationship.

Colombia has strong potential in the English language sector. New Zealand’s work rights policy has had a positive impact on the number of students interested in studying in New Zealand and seen an increase in the average length of stay.

Agricultural training is in high demand at all levels. Major dairy producer COLANTA has created a loan for farmers’ children to study English in New Zealand while gaining work experience on a New Zealand dairy farm. This presents opportunities for certificate, diploma, bachelor and postgraduate studies.

Colombia has also shown interest in New Zealand’s qualification framework. There is potential in the area of government IP commercialisation.

* Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies abroad (ICETEX) is a government entity that promotes Higher Education within Colombia and abroad through educative credits for those in lower socio-economic sectors of the population who have excellent academic performance.
** COCIENCIAS is the Colombian Innovation Agency that promotes scientific and technological development as well as innovation. It also supports human resource development, especially at Master and PhD level.
*** Colfutro (Foundation for the Future of Colombia ) is a public/private partnered agency that provides loans for post graduate students to study abroad. A proportion of the loans are written off when the students graduate and return to work in Colombia. COLFUTURO also administers the COCIENCIAS scholarship programme.
**** The National Service of Learning (Spanish: Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje) (SENA) is a Colombian public institution focused in the development of programs of professional formation. It's a government initiative to develop education in Colombia and foment employment.

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