Market opportunities

Germany presents a wide range of opportunities for New Zealand education providers looking to expand into the market.

New Zealand’s National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 3 can be used by German students for entrance in to Germany universities, provided that certain requirementsare met. There is still relatively low awareness of this however, so it is an important point to make in any communications with prospective students, agents and education partners in Germany.

With New Zealand perceived a very safe country, German students in particular – still rather young - come to New Zealand schools doing a half year or a year lifestyle experience coupled with the chance to improve their English language skills. 

There is a strong study abroad market in Germany with students interested in and encouraged to travel overseas for education.

Germany is one of the partner countries in Erasmus+ programme which provides an opportunity for New Zealand Higher Education institutions to participate in student exchanges.

New Zealand and German universities have strong academic and research relationships, meaning doctoral students from Germany are likely to have greater awareness of the opportunities offered by New Zealand universities. This, along with the scholarship opportunities and work rights available to these students make New Zealand an attractive option.

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