Market overview

In Indonesia, and the South East Asia region as a whole, New Zealand’s main challenge is one of low awareness of New Zealand as an education provider and study destination.

As with many other South East Asian countries, there is a need for skilled workers to achieve its economic objectives, including Indonesia’s mandated goal of becoming a developed country by 2025. The Indonesian Government’s economic plan notes and emphasises that human resource development is a key factor in achieving the targets set for the Indonesian economy.

With that in mind, the Indonesian Government is actively seeking international partners for consultation and assistance as it builds its own capabilities, especially in the higher and technical and vocational education sectors. It is also seeking to encourage greater collaboration and partnerships between New Zealand and Indonesian institutions.

Indonesia’s population was 247 million in 2013.  As the fourth most populous country in the world, with close to 30% (and growing) of the population aged under 15, there is real demand for international education options in Indonesia.

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