Market opportunities

Japan is a market with great opportunities for international education. New Zealand, as a country, enjoys a relatively high profile in Japan and is seen as a safe destination with quality education opportunities and appeals to parents of school-aged children.

Japan is hosting two major sporting events in the next three years – the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Olympics, which highlights the urgency of internationalisation in its education system as well as its general population. The government has come up with a number of initiatives to promote international education, these include exchange projects and many scholarships, both outbound and inbound. 

Super Global University initiative: Japanese universities are making a push to improve global rankings through a series of initiatives. Thirty-seven universities have been selected to receive government funding to implement these initiatives. Proposals differ from institution to institution, but include efforts to extend international programmes, boosting students’ English ability, increasing the number of students studying overseas, joint degree programmes, and increasing international faculty numbers. There is potential for New Zealand universities, PTEs and ITPs in this space.

As student numbers shrink in Japan, institutions are increasingly interested in relationships with foreign partners. The opportunity for students to study overseas is used as a significant marketing tool, however reciprocity is usually required.

There continues to be strong demand for short term opportunities such as group visits from Japan, particularly from junior high schools, high schools and universities. The primary aim of most visits is learning English, but tourism and other specific sectors are also of interest. The visits last from two weeks to three months and the group size ranges from 10 – 400.

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