23 September 2015

Agent Newsletter September 2015

Spring has sprung in New Zealand and so too has ENZ’s event season. It’s well under way – we have already held fairs in Malaysia and India and we’re looking forward to the fairs and agent seminars coming up in Thailand and Viet Nam soon.

You may have already noticed that we have a more streamlined event system and those attending our agent seminars will be able to pre book their meetings with institutions via our online meeting planner system.

Those of you who have used the Marcom system in the past will know how valuable it is to be able to pre book your meetings.

As ever with new systems it takes a bit of getting used to – when we send the instructions to you please do take the time to read them to make things easier for yourselves!

There’s more news to catch up on below; read on for highlights from August and a reminder about the ENZ agent programme review.

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