10 August 2018 at 9:00 am

Education New Zealand to re-launch its Recognised Agency programme from 1 November

Education New Zealand (ENZ) Chief Executive Grant McPherson has announced that, following a period of review, ENZ will re-launch its Recognised Agency programme from 1 November 2018.

Education agencies play an important role in the promotion and attraction of international students to New Zealand. An estimated 50 percent of international students and their families use education agencies.

The re-launched Education New Zealand Recognised Agency (ENZRA) programme will require agencies to meet three key objectives, reviewed on an annual basis, to retain or gain Recognised Agency status: meeting a points target; meeting minimum standards of conduct; and undertaking training as required.

The review period will run from 1 November to 30 October each year, with the start date 1 November 2018.

Recognised agencies are listed on ENZ’s Study in New Zealand website and can use the ENZRA logo on their marketing collateral. This logo is currently being redesigned for use under the new ENZRA programme.

Mr McPherson said there will be high expectations of Recognised Agencies’ conduct and behaviour under the new ENZRA programme.

“We will expect the primary concern of Recognised Agencies to be the personal needs, academic aspirations and career objectives of the students they are counselling. We will also expect them to provide full, relevant and accurate information about the New Zealand education system and living in New Zealand to prospective students.

“Only those high-performance agencies who consistently meet our core objectives will earn the right to use the ENZRA logo,” Mr McPherson said.

“In return, the ENZRA programme will strengthen the value proposition for Recognised Agencies by providing them with increased support, training, local market intelligence and bespoke marketing collateral.”

Mr McPherson said that the design of the new ENZRA would support the attraction of high-value students and enhance student wellbeing in New Zealand.

“Research undertaken last year by the Ministry of Education [for the New Zealand International Student Wellbeing Strategy] showed the critical part that education agencies play in the overall student experience and their wellbeing.

“The provision of inadequate or misleading information can cause significant issues for students when they arrive in the country including limited access to funds, lack of understanding of their employment rights and incorrect expectations about life and study in New Zealand.”

He said the programme had also been designed to incentivise agencies to consider ENZ’s strategic objectives to attract high-value students and regional diversification when promoting New Zealand as a study destination.

Mr McPherson said ENZ had carried out considerable research and analysis about how best to frame the Recognised Agency programme.

“There are tens of thousands of agencies operating around the world and no country has found a way to successfully regulate the education agencies that their education institutions deal with.

“ENZRA is therefore not a regulatory programme; it is an incentives programme that I am confident will drive the outcomes we seek.”

More information on the re-launched ENZRA programme can be found here.

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