How to become an ENZ Recognised Agency

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How to apply

Applications to become part of the ENZ Recognised Agency programme for 2019-20 are now Closed.

Applications received after 1 October 2019 (New Zealand Time) will not be considered for the 2019-20 ENZRA intake.

Any new information regarding ENZRA will be posted here and in our E-News once they have been made official.

Please direct any questions to or subscribe to E-News for updates about the review.

The next round of ENZRA applications will open 1 September 2020.



On a yearly basis, agencies will need to meet three core standards to gain or retain Recognised Agency status.

The three core standards are:

  • meeting a points target and minimum visa approval rate
  • meeting core conduct requirements
  • undertaking training as required.


The points-based earning system aims to give confidence to stakeholders that Recognised Agencies are consistently, and successfully, placing international students with New Zealand education providers.

Points earned vary depending on the course and location of study, and are broadly aligned with the objectives of the International Education Strategy.  Points earnt are as follows:


Undergraduate Study (Level 7) 10
Primary or Secondary School (Minimum two terms) 10
Post-Graduate (Level 8-10) 10
Foundation / Pathway study 10
Graduate Certificate/Diploma (Level 7) 7
Certificate/Diploma (Level 5 or 6) 7
Certificate (Level 2-4) 7
Any study (other than Foundation) between three and nine months 6
Any study of less than three months 5
Agencies can also earn the following additional points:  
Campus outside of Auckland 3

Points are only awarded the first time a student is approved a visa and enters New Zealand. You can only earn points for students once, no points are earned for subsequent years of study in New Zealand.

Agencies also need to meet a minimum approval rate for student visa applications they lodge with Immigration New Zealand (INZ), which ensures that Recognised Agencies are confident any prospective student meets all requirements for a student visa when they apply to INZ.

 All agencies must meet the points target and minimum approval rate on an annual basis. The points target and minimum review period for the first annual review period are as follows:

Brazil 91% 110
China 93% 250
Chile 97% 90
Colombia 87% 110
Germany, France, Italy 98% 100
India 75% 300
Indonesia 91% 110
Japan 99% 120
Korea 97% 120
Malaysia 96% 80
Nepal 65% 120
Philippines 80% 120
Russia 80% 80
Saudi Arabia 88% 60
Sri Lanka 73% 110
Thailand 93% 90
USA 99% 60
Vietnam 80% 120
All Other Regions 80% 80



Additionally, all Recognised Agencies must read and agree to follow the Education New Zealand Code of Conduct and Complaints Process. The Code of Conduct is based on the principles of the London Statement to which New Zealand is a signatory and to which Recognised Agencies must affirm their commitment to upholding. Recognised Agencies are contractually obligated not to conduct themselves in any way that is detrimental to ENZ, education providers, or the New Zealand education industry.

 Recognised Agencies should also expect that any complaints made against them will be investigate by ENZ’s complaints committee, with the possibility of the suspension, or removal, of their status as a Recognised Agency by ENZ.


Agents within Recognised Agencies will be requested to undertakes training courses and modules as required in order to maintain their status. This is to ensure agents are providing the most up-to-date and relevant information regarding the New Zealand education industry.


Agencies based in New Zealand will also be required to have a permanent Licensed Immigration Adviser within their agency.


ENZ Recognised Agencies:

  • have their details listed on This is a ‘go to’ place for students expressing an interest in learning more about studying in New Zealand
  • promotion on ENZ’s social media channels
  • will gain exclusive access to MyStudy NZ tools to assist them in promoting New Zealand to prospective students
  • have access to ENZ staff as well as exclusive promotional collateral, training and development opportunities
  • gain extended access to marketing resources in ENZ’s ‘Brand Lab’
  • can use the ‘ENZ Recognised Agency’ logo (currently being re-designed) on their website and other promotional materials
  • may be invited by ENZ to participate in selected events and campaigns.


For more information, please see the ENZRA FAQs.

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