Training Programme for Education Agents

* Our Online Training Programme is only available for a limited time.  Please see our e-new article on 23 May for details.*

Education New Zealand offers a free training programme for education agents wanting to increase their knowledge of the benefits of studying in New Zealand and our education system. We also provide access to professional New Zealand education marketing resources to qualifying education agents for use in promoting New Zealand. Find out more below. 

Step 1 - Complete the Online Training Programme

Knowing more about New Zealand will increase your ability to provide accurate and effective advice to prospective students on New Zealand as a study destination and on the basics of our education system and living in New Zealand The seven modules in our online e-learning programme cover a wide range of topics and will give you:

• a good general knowledge of New Zealand
• an understanding of what it’s like to live and study in New Zealand
• information on the range of education choices and student pathways to success
• information about visa requirements and processes.

The course is interactive – along the way you’ll be asked questions and given tasks to test your learning.

You can complete the programme at your own pace and can log in and out of the e-learning system to complete the modules at a time, in a place and at a pace that's convenient for you.

Our online training programme for education agents is free to complete. Once you have completed all seven modules, you’ll reach the final test module. You must achieve 100 percent to pass and receive your Record of Achievement.

Before you register and start e-learning:

Make sure the name you register with is correct and written in English (the Record of Achievement cannot display characters or script) as this is the name that will appear on your Record of Achievement and cannot be changed.

Check your email address is registered correctly on your profile page – if your email is not right you will not receive the link to your Record of Achievement.

Check the settings on the device you are using – you must have Flash Player 10 or later and one of the following browsers:

  • Windows – Internet Explorer 6 or later, Firefox 1.x, Opera 9.5 or later
  • Mac – Safari 3 or later, Firefox 1.x or later
  • Linux – Firefox 1.x or later.

The content is also available on iPad or Android tablet using Mobile Safari or Mobile Chrome.

Please note that Chrome no longer supports flash, we recommend you don’t access our training using a Chrome browser.

Register here:

Register to start e-learning now

Step 2 - Record of Achievement

When you pass the final test module you will be emailed a link to your Record of Achievement so that you can print it out.

Please Note: Completing the training and receiving the Record of Achievement does not mean that your agency will be listed on our student website.

Only ENZRA agents are listed on

Step 3 - Register for The Brand Lab

After receiving the Record of Achievement you can use the marketing resources on The Brand Lab to produce high-quality marketing material using our distinctive Think New branding.

The Brand Lab has a wide range of marketing resources available for you to use, including:

  • the New Zealand Education Story video – telling the New Zealand Education Story in an expressive and engaging way
  • a Think New powerpoint presentation with slides you can use in your marketing
  • web banners, online ads and social media posts – content you can readily use on the many digital platforms available across the world
  • Go to to register for The Brand Lab.

On the Toolkits tab, click on the Trained Agent link to access your marketing resources.

Step 4 - Connect students with a world class education and an unforgettable adventure in New Zealand

Education New Zealand does not accredit education agents or offer representation services. You must find your own New Zealand education provider partners or schools yourself and at all times abide by New Zealand laws and regulations regarding the recruitment of international students. 

In particular, you should be aware of the requirements of the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 (, and that under New Zealand law, education agents cannot provide immigration advice to students of any kind unless you are a licensed Immigration Advisor.   

Visit our website to find the types of schools or institutions and the region of the country you are interested in.

We demand high ethical and professional standards

Education agents play a vital role in the success of New Zealand international education industry, and in ensuring that the start of a student’s ‘New Zealand experience’ is the provision of high quality and accurate advice delivered to a high professional standard.

For ENZ, protecting New Zealand’s reputation as a high quality education destination is of paramount importance and we expect education agents assisting students to enrol in a New Zealand institution or school to act professionally at all times and to observe the highest ethical standards.

For these reasons:

  • No education agent may represent themselves as an official partner of ENZ or endorsed by the New Zealand Government unless this has been explicitly authorised by ENZ
  • No education agent may use the official ENZ logo unless explicitly authorised by ENZ
  • All education agents who undertake our training programme must read and agree to follow the Education New Zealand Code of Conduct and Complaints Process.
  • All education agents must abide by the principles of the London Statement to which New Zealand is a signatory.
  • All education agents must also read and agree to follow the requirements of New Zealand Privacy Act 1993.

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