How to become an ENZ Recognised Agency

ENZRA Applications

We are not currently accepting any new ENZRA applications until the new operational details are finalised.

Please note agencies are able to assist students to enroll with New Zealand education providers regardless of whether they have ENZRA status or their agents have completed the free ENZ e-learning training.

Any new information regarding ENZRA, possible relaunch dates or application information will be posted here and in our e-news once they have been made official.

Please direct any questions to or subscribe to e-news for up to date news about the review.

ENZRA Review

We have completed a very extensive stakeholder consultation process to help us determine the future of the ENZRA programme, and now have an agreed way forward.

We are currently working to finalise the operational details of the enhanced ENZRA programme and look forward to being able to share these with you in the near future.

What is ENZRA?

Education agents play a vital role in the success of New Zealand international education industry, delivering around 60 percent of total student volume.

Agents work with international students to advise them on education destinations, education providers and programmes as well as help them navigate regulatory and administrative processes (eg. institution and student visa application systems). A number of agents also provide pastoral care support for their students once they are located in the host country.

As part of its role to promote New Zealand as an international education destination, ENZ developed the ENZ Recognised Agency (ENZRA) programme.

The ENZRA programme is focused on working with a small pool of proven, committed and ethical agencies to help grow the value of international education to New Zealand. Around 300 education agencies have been designated as Recognised Agencies.

ENZ Recognised Agencies:

  • have their details listed on so that students can contact them to discuss studying in New Zealand
  • receive referrals of prospective students from ENZ as an outcome of global marketing campaigns and digital assets
  • gain extended access to marketing resources in ENZ’s ‘Brand Lab’
  • can use the ENZRA logo on their website and in their marketing material
  • may be invited by ENZ to participate in selected events and campaigns.

High ethical standards

All agents working with Education New Zealand must read and agree to follow the Education New Zealand Code of Conduct and Complaints Process.

The Code of Conduct is based on the principles of the London Statement to which New Zealand is a signatory.

Agents must also read and agree to follow the New Zealand Privacy Act.

What's in it for me?