Offshore & Digital Delivery

Offshore and online delivery of international education can help New Zealand education providers target new customer segments and increase the proportion of learners studying offshore. This will help mitigate the impact of current border restrictions and provide longer-term growth opportunities.

Offshore pathways
ENZ is exploring offshore pathways that will enable learners to begin their New Zealand university journey in their home country and then transfer directly into qualifications offered in New Zealand.

As a first step, we’ve extended the Study in New Zealand website to promote more than 200 programmes where students can begin their university studies in their home country.

In addition, in December 2020, ENZ and NZ’s eight universities formed a partnership with qualification provider NCUK. These new courses enable students to begin their NZ university journey from more than 80 delivery sites around the world.

A third university / ENZ initiative is exploring the establishment of NZ Education Centres offshore. The Centres could provide a larger range of programmes and in-depth partnerships. They could also provide broader education and trade outreach into source markets. ENZ and peak body groups are discussing how this concept could apply to other sub-sectors.

Digital delivery
The digital delivery project explores how NZ might take advantage of the rapid digitisation of education offerings during the pandemic. ENZ is starting with a pilot in partnership with FutureLearn, a London-based online education platform with an existing global community of approximately 15 million learners.

The pilot showcases online, mostly sustainability-related short courses under a national NZ Education banner. A range of high-quality NZ education providers, including universities, Te Pūkenga and PTEs are offering courses. Launched in June 2021, the FutureLearn pilot provides an opportunity to learn more about online learners and products. The lessons learned will be used to inform the development of a digital delivery strategy for the future.

How can you get involved?
We are currently looking for additional partners who would like to showcase a short course on our FutureLearn New Zealand site. If you’re interested in learning more, or participating in any of these offshore or digital delivery projects, please get in touch.



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