Summer in New Zealand


Education New Zealand has launched a new campaign for international students currently in New Zealand who are making tough decisions about the upcoming summer break.

We know that New Zealand’s education providers have worked hard to support international students during the COVID-19 crisis, making them feel safe and supported in an unsettling time.

ENZ’s new summer retention campaign complements the activities and support you have planned for those international students staying in New Zealand over the summer.

This programme of work includes:

  • New landing pages on NauMai NZ where information is split by those students staying in New Zealand, those undecided and those leaving. Depending on whether the student is staying or leaving NZ, they can see what options are available to them, as well as activities they could get involved with in their region
  • InstaLive series - @studyinnewzealand
    • Prime Minister Scholarship Alumni - 21 December at 5.30pm. 
  • The Great Kiwi Virtual Summer Fair took place on Saturday, 31 October. The fair gave attendees inspiration and tips on how to explore New Zealand and experience summer the Kiwi way. This included recreation and tourism opportunities, advice and resources on staying well and connected over summer, and accessing opportunities that will better equip them for their future.


You can find a number of prepared assets in the Campaign section of Brand Lab including:


What do my students already know about staying in New Zealand over the summer?

ENZ, in conjunction with Immigration New Zealand, has already sent out a direct email to students holding a valid student visa.

The email has advised them of their options and reminded them that they need to re-apply for a visa before their current one expires. It also encourages students to visit the new Summer in NZ page on NauMai NZ, and sign up to the platform for updates if they haven’t already.

ENZ has also sent out a direct email to all registered NauMai NZ users who are in New Zealand and we are running dedicated social media posts on all our channels. 


What's in it for me?