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International education contributes $5.1 billion to New Zealand's economy and is New Zealand's fourth largest export earner, supporting 47,490 jobs.

International education enables young New Zealanders to live and learn alongside people from other cultures - make new friends, learn other languages and discover new perspectives.  International education contributes to tourism, regional growth and long-term trade, investment and diplomacy.

22 August 2019

Education News

Keynote speakers pose challenges

Unconscious bias, new models of collaboration and poetry readings in fish and chip shops are just some of the subjects examined by NZIEC’s three dynamic keynote speakers.

22 August 2019

Education News

Sustainable growth for schools

Industry experts shared their vision of sustainable school growth at NZIEC.

22 August 2019

Education News

Around the world in five


22 March 2020 - 26 March 2020

Vancouver - APAIE 2020


November 2019 - November 2019

Seoul - Commercial Fair (ENZ Booth only)

Opening soon

23 October 2019 - 25 October 2019

Bogota - CAIE - (The Conference of the Americas on International Education)

Opening soon

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