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Education New Zealand has offices in a number of countries across the world.

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New Zealand offices


Level 5, 160 Lambton Quay

Phone: +64 4 472 0788

John Mollo

International Market Manager - South East Asia

Lisa Futschek

Regional Director - Americas and Europe

Clive Jones

General Manager Strategy and Insight

+64 4 917 0538

Mary Camp

Business Development Manager - School sector

+64 4 913 9591

Richard Kyle

Business Development Manager - School sector

+64 4 913 9599

Sarah Gauthier

Regional Project Manager

+64 4 830 0814

Jo Keane

Regional Project Manager

+64 4 830 0804

Sam Mackay

Strategic Project Manager

+64 4 472 0788

John Goulter

General Manager - Stakeholders and Communications

Angela Meredith

Accountability Manager

Fiona Cameron

Director Organisation Development, Property and Legal

Suzy Winter

Finance Manager

Matt Penney

Chief Financial Officer

Paul Irwin

General Manager - Student Marketing

Kaylee Butters

Director, Student Engagement

Sam Heeney

International Events Manager

Christine Roberts

Scholarships Programme Manager

Carole van Grondelle

Communications Manager

Andy Warden

Engagement Manager

Olivia Silverwood

International Social Communities Manager

Euan Howden

Director, Student Acquisition

Andrew McPhee

Intelligence Manager

Julian Ashby

International Market Manager Americas and Europe

04 472 0788

Ross Fisher

International Market Manager, China and North Asia

04 472 0788

Tereska Thornton

International Market Manager Korea

Lewis Gibson

International Market Manager Japan


Level 8
139 Quay Street

PO Box 5561
Wellesley Street
Auckland NZ 1141

Phone: +64 4 472 0788

Sahinde Pala

Regional Project Manager

Annabel Robertson

Customer Manager

Hayley Shields

Director, Student Experience

Ed Tuari

International Market Manager, India and Middle East


Level 3
103 Cashel Street
Central Christchurch
NZ 8011

PO Box 2962
Christchurch NZ 8140

Phone: +64 4 472 0788

Greg Scott

General Manager Industry Development

+64 3 3795 575

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