Events FAQs

The Education New Zealand events team regularly receive questions about the events we organise, participate in or support. 

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding events. 

If you have further questions that have not been answered on here please feel free to email

Q1: What are the different types of events?

New Zealand Education Fair:

  • Organised by ENZ
  • New Zealand institutions only
  • Event campaigns, PR and direct marketing organised by ENZ

Commercial fair:

  • Organised by a third party exhibition organisation
  • New Zealand pavilion is created and branded by ENZ
  • Institutions register to attend through ENZ
  • Participation fee is heavily subsidised by ENZ

Agent seminar:

  • Organised and hosted by ENZ
  • Invite both NZSA and non-NZSA agents to attend
  • Immigration New Zealand attendance and presentation
  • ENZ presentation about updates
  • One-on-one networking
  • Agents under one roof
  • Opportunity to meet new agents and foster relationships

Agent workshop:

  • Organised and hosted by ENZ
  • For agents only
  • Not an event for institutions
  • ENZ interacting directly with agents
  • Help agents in providing assistance and ongoing training with New Zealand products
  • Updates on e-learning and other agent activity

ENZ event:

ENZ organised and hosted event includes:

  • New Zealand Education Fair
  • Agent Seminar
  • Agent Workshop
  • Education Conference

Agent Fair:

  • A New Zealand Education Fair organised by an education agency selected via RFP process.
  • ENZ plays a supporting role
  • Event registration promoted on ENZs corporate website and E-news
  • Institutions are to register directly with the agency


Q2: What is the difference between an agent seminar and an agent workshop?

An agent seminar is organised so that new and established institutions interested in meeting with education agents can meet in one location and have one on one meetings whereas an agent workshop is for agents and Education New Zealand only (for a detailed explanation of what an agent seminar and agent workshop are see above).


Q3: How much do these events cost so that I can budget and plan ahead?

Education New Zealand has a standard charging model for all events. This was created for the purpose of providing institutions with information on the event costs of attending events whether it is a commercial fair or agent seminar to factor into their yearly budgets as estimates. The actual event costs will be published on the event information pages. 


Q4: Is there a discount rate for events?

The participation fees that Education New Zealand charge is heavily subsidised by ENZ to encourage institutions to attend events so there is no discount.


Q5: Would you recommend X event for our school?

We share as much information as possible regarding events including profile of attendees from previous years.  Schools and institutions should ensure that that the event is the right fit for them and corresponds to their strategic goals. We are always happy to answer questions so please get in touch.


Q6: Can ENZ arrange flights and accommodation?

Education New Zealand (ENZ) does not arrange travel and accommodation for those attending events. ENZ does however advise participants to find accommodation close to event venues and publishes a selection of hotels on the event information pages.

For information on how to organise flights and accommodation you can contact your local travel agent or alternatively visit popular travel and accommodation websites.


Q7: What do I need to bring with me to these events?

Participants should bring the following to events:

  • Business cards
  • A list of agents your institution works closely with in the market, to give to students and their parents
  • Institute prospectus
  • Institute brochure
  • Institute pamphlets
  • USB with institution content i.e. videos, PDF versions of the schools prospectus and any other files important for the prospective student
  • A list of courses offered and/or regional information
  • New Zealand sweets or other giveaways are always popular with visitors

Participants should bring the following to agent seminar:

  • Business cards
  • Institute prospectus
  • Institute brochure
  • Institute pamphlets
  • USB with institution content i.e. videos, ready to print file of your schools prospectus and any other files that agents can then print if they run out of materials for the prospective student
  • A list of courses offered and/or regional information


Q8: I need to ship my collateral to an event, how do I do this?

Information regarding shipping is available on the event information sites.  Please note that institutions are responsible for all shipping costs.


Q9: When will the event registrations open? 

Subscribe to ENZ e-news (sent out fortnightly) as this is where ENZ will announce when event registration is open and along with other event related news. 


Q10: How often is the events calendar updated?

The ENZ events calendar is updated as required.


Q11: What happens after completing the online registration form?

After registering you will receive confirmation via email followed by invoice from the ENZ finance team. 



Do you have a question that has not been answered?

Please feel free to email the events team at

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