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  • Education New Zealand hosts first-ever NZ-China Education Week

    Early Childhood Education Symposium

    The inaugural New Zealand-China Early Childhood Education Symposium with China Centre for International People to People Exchange (CCIPPE), an agency under the Ministry of Education of China, was well-received by the audience of over 1,000 people.

    ENZ General Manager – International, Lisa Futschek, provided opening remarks alongside distinguished officials from China who expressed support for the dialogue around ECE to continue between our two countries.

    “It was very moving to hear Deputy Director General Xiaochun YANG speak te reo Māori in his closing remarks,” ENZ Director – Greater China, Miranda Herbert, said.

    “The ECE Symposium highlights the special relationship between New Zealand and China and our long history of engaging in bilateral dialogue in a variety of education related fields to learn from each other.”

    Educators tune into the ECE Symposium.

    Part of the success of participation was due to CCIPE’s social media post which attracted over 8000 reads (pre-event). CCIPPE article with photos: 2020中国-新西兰学前教育研讨会在线成功举办 (

    The entire symposium was bilingual – no small feat in a virtual environment. ENZ used subtitles on pre-recorded presentations, interpretation for the live speakers and engaged a bilingual MC with experience in the ECE field.

    University of Auckland Associate Dean International – Faculty of Education and Social Work, Marek Tesar, presented a session at the symposium titled “How ECE Teachers Shape Our Children: Fostering Quality ECE Teachers—Formal Education and Professional Development."

    “A fantastic event, which brought together an interdisciplinary group of people to discuss the important topic of early childhood education. It has emphasised the many opportunities for ongoing collaboration between New Zealand and China and I hope that this is the first of many such symposia – hopefully in person next time!” he said.

    Watch the recording

    To view the recorded symposium, please log back into your ECE Symposium Attendee Login. Didn’t have a registration?  Choose Attendee Registration and complete the registration on this website:

    Once logged in, navigate to Floor Plan and click “Education Symposium 2020”

    Then you will see this screen to click “Playback”


    The Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) present at Sino-New Zealand Higher Vocational Education.

    8th Sino-New Zealand Higher Vocational Education Conference

    This year’s Sino-New Zealand Higher Vocational Education conference moved to a virtual platform this year which enabled continued dialogue between New Zealand and China.

    Over three half-days, it focused on challenges and innovations in online learning and international collaboration for managers, teachers and researchers in vocational education and training.

    Conference organisers, Wintec and co-organiser, Skills International worked closely with China partners Tianjin Light Industrial Vocational Technical College, Qingdao Vocational Technical College and Central Institute for Vocational Technical Education to deliver an engaging event for the live audience in Tianjin and the virtual attendees.

    Agent Seminars

    The Agent Seminars reached an audience of 500 attendees from across the Greater China region over two days.

    Agents were welcomed by New Zealand’s Ambassador to China, H.E. Clare Fearnley, heard from Immigration New Zealand, Tourism New Zealand, and even learned how to order a green tea in te reo Māori.

    With over 44 New Zealand institutions and regions exhibiting in the virtual exhibition hall, agents were able to connect through the virtual meeting rooms to have one-on-one conversations. ENZ trialled a virtual conferencing platform created for the China market that allowed our Chinese agents to join via WeChat and tailor their view to local language.

    ENZ wants to thank all the exhibitors, presenters and attendees who participated in New Zealand Education Week to help make it a success and we appreciate your adaptability to a China-friendly virtual platform. 

    ENZ has received great feedback from both sides on the programme and future partnership opportunities – there is a strong desire to continue dialogue.

    Watch the recording

    Note, the Agent Seminars were over two days and the majority of presentations are in Chinese language.

    To view the recorded seminars, please log back into your Agent Seminars Organization or Attendee Login.

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  • Saudi event changes

    The 2016 International Exhibition and Conference on Education (IECHE) – traditionally the key recruitment event for the year – has been cancelled by the organisers.

    To ensure New Zealand continues to be promoted as an education destination to prospective students in 2016, ENZ is considering participating in IGEC’s upcoming International Educational Expertise Forum (IEEF) events in Jeddah and Riyadh on 24 - 27 April 2016.

    These events are expected to attract industry participants from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Turkey and South Africa, as well as New Zealand.

    The IEEF events have received approval from the Saudi Ministry of Education and organisers are able to issue invitations for visas.

    To coincide with the IEEF events, ENZ will host an Agent Seminar at the New Zealand Embassy in Riyadh, and will support in-market networking with key scholarship sponsors.

    IEEF event registration

    Registration for IEEF is made by emailing the registration form directly to the organisers. The form is available on the Saudi events page, accessed via ENZ’s Event Calendar.

    ENZ’s Agent Seminar registration

    Registration for the Agent Seminar can also be done via ENZ’s Event Calendar.

    Please email questions to

  • ENZ events for 2019

    All events can be found on the events calendar.


    A number of events are now open for pre-registration and others will be opening over the coming weeks.

    Sam Heeney, ENZ’s International Event Manager, notes a key change to registration.

    “In 2019 we will be running a two-stage registration process for our events.  This will ease the pressure caused by the previous first-come-first-served approach previously used, allowing us to ensure we have the right mix of institutions in the market to meet our student needs.”

    Visit the events page for full details.


    Prices for these events remain unchanged (all exclude GST):

    • Commercial fairs         $2500
    • New Zealand fairs       $1500
    • Agent seminars           $250

    Please contact with any questions.

  • Tauranga-based group visits Korea

    E-News caught up with one of the organisers of the visit, Education Tauranga’s Anne Young.  

    What led to the decision to visit Korea as a group of institutions?

    Education Tauranga’s 2013-2017 strategy focuses strongly on collaboration between member institutions. We find that we can make more of an impact in a market as a group, and, with a diverse range of institutions participating in activities, we can demonstrate the pathways that exist within our region to cater for all levels of education.

    Korean students are enrolled in the full range of education institutions in Tauranga – from primary right through to tertiary. This is one of the reasons Education Tauranga’s Korean student numbers have continued to rise in 2015, while declining in New Zealand overall. We also attribute our success in Korea to the fact that we have committed local agents, strong local government support, highly effective links with the Korean community in the Western Bay of Plenty and institutions that provide excellent education and care to all international students, including those from Korea.

    In choosing Korea as our group visit destination, we were able to further capitalise on our already strong position in that market.  

    What are the advantages of a group visit such as this?

    The main advantage of a group visit is that it’s easier to get noticed and to secure meetings than when you’re an individual institution travelling on your own. Promotional costs can be shared, too. In our case, 21 institutions were pitching in, meaning our advertising dollar went a lot further, resulting greater numbers of prospective students at our fairs and good attendance of officials at other events.

    Having trip organisers taking care of all the planning, organising and bookings meant it was a much more efficient process for everybody. It also alleviated stress for some first time travellers to Korea who didn’t have to face many of the challenging ‘unknown factors’ that can pop up when organising your own recruitment trip.  

    What are the downsides?

    I don’t think there are any particular disadvantages to marketing as a group offshore. However, there are challenges in the logistics of dealing with such a large group, such as transport arrangements and getting everyone to where they need to be on time, as well as ensuring that planned activities are of benefit to all institutions from a range of sectors.  

    What were the highlights?

    We attracted over 400 prospective students through our fairs which was a great success for one small region of New Zealand. The students who came along were already pretty well informed about Education Tauranga’s education offerings, demonstrating that the effort that we put into advertising prior to the events hit the mark!

    Several alumni families also attended the events, and it was wonderful to see them engaging with prospective students and their families and giving their perspective on what studying in our region is like.

    The support of big New Zealand brands such as Zespri was also fantastic; their product promotion at our fair went down really well.

    Being hosted at the New Zealand Residence by the Deputy Head of Mission to Korea and Education New Zealand was also a highlight as we were able to recognise the contribution they had made to ensuring our activities were a success.  

    Are there any outcomes on the horizon or promising connections made?

    We’re hoping our visit will result in an increase in student numbers from Korea in 2016. The signs are promising so far, with many new students expressing an interest in coming here. Time will tell however!

    We have also strengthened relationships with Tauranga’s ‘friendship city’ of Ansan, with a larger study tour group coming in 2016 than came in 2015.  

    What would you do differently next time?

    The visit to Korea was our second regional group visit (we visited China together as a group in March this year) so we already had experience in what did and didn’t work and were able to iron out any issues prior to this trip.  

    Any hints and tips for together groups thinking of undertaking this sort of group visit?

    I think undertaking a visit of this kind is very effective for regions or groups of institutions. My top tips for making your visit a success are as follows:

    • Do your research and have a plan. Know exactly what activities you want to do and why

    • Involve all participating institutions in the planning process

    • Make sure you have support from local councils and your Economic Development Agency

    • Enter the market with a strong brand that all participants believe in

    • Make sure you have translated materials and have translators who know your product/region

    • The work you do prior to arrival is just as important (if not more than) as the work you will do while in country

    • Work with ENZ and local Embassy staff

    • Leverage your alumni

    • Follow up with the people you met with during the visit!


  • Assessing Group applicants PMSA

  • Assessing Group applicants PMSLA

  • Advisory group for advice from international students

  • Assessing Group applications PMS v2

  • ENZ Facebook group connects international students

    The ENZ social media team has created #MyStudyinNZ Journey, a Facebook group for international students across New Zealand to connect, share upcoming events and meetups, ask questions and offer advice.

    ENZ Director of Student Experience, Hayley Shields, says the group is a space for international students to support one another while also offering ENZ valuable learnings about the types of information they need. Plans are in place for a similar group on WeChat to be launched later in the year.

    “This idea has come out of our student experience research where students told us they value the advice of other students. Facebook communities provide an easy forum for our international students to connect.” 

    To ensure the Facebook group is entirely student-focussed, ENZ has recruited a group of domestic and international students to act as moderators. They will ensure students get the information they need while maintaining the group atmosphere as a safe and positive space.

    One of the Facebook moderators, Pritchard Mukuka, says, “For me, this group means bringing home, security and comfort to fellow international students to make their study and stay as pleasant as possible.”

    How education providers can get involved

    Please share the Facebook group details with your international students and encourage them to join up.

    If you would like to share information about events taking place at your institution with the group, please email ENZ International Social Engagement Manager, Olivia Silverwood, on

  • Event registrations are open – and with a new whizz bang system!

    There’s something for everyone among the agent seminars, alumni networking events, New Zealand education fairs and commercial fairs in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Viet Nam.

    Exciting news is that, in line with our new categorisation of Japan as a ‘promote’ market, we are holding our first New Zealand education fair in Japan in October. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to showcase your education offering to this important market. As well, following on from the success of the agent seminars held in Osaka and Tokyo last year we will again be holding seminars in these cities leading up to the fair. 

    More exciting news on the event front is that our new event registration platform makes the whole process smoother, and does away with some of the paperwork. All the information you need regarding venues, locations and hotels, as well as some facts and figures about the market are available on the registration page for that event, all making for easier trip planning.

    Each event will have an app, so that all the event information will be at your fingertips as you travel. 

    Registrations for all events close on Wednesday 15 July so check out the event calendar, select your country or countries, and away you go!

    Phase two of the event registration improvements will include a meeting planner and appointment scheduler that will enable you to make appointments with agents well ahead of time and ensure you don’t miss out on valuable one-to-one meeting opportunities.

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